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Mission Statement
Our business is about being true to our vision and aspirations. Focusing on the development and growth of a company with sustainable local and international acknowledgement for professional excellence in delivering custom made services to our clients. We are a turnkey construction company delivering all building services from conception to actualization.


Construction as is widely acknowledged is a capital-intensive industry and a very unpredictable one. Many reasons have been assigned for this assertion, paramount of which is the environment in which construction takes place.

The environment can best be described as open and susceptible to external factors that are sometimes difficult to control. Businessmen as they are, Construction Contractors are expected to use their experience based on proper planning, organization, coordination and control on the ground to actually reduce the level of uncertainty and therefore the risks associated with the industry in order to facilitate the provision of infrastructure

Due to their position as the link between the Client and infrastructure construction contractors have that duty of care to ensure that Clients attain value for their scarce money invested in projects.

We are therefore pleased to introduce our construction entity referred to hereinafter as LANDSAR DEVELOPERS LIMITED (LDL) to your reputable firm for consideration as reliable construction contractors.